Why bother?

Why bother?

Mantis Tools are the answer to a problem that quite a few tool climbers have had. Some have even come up with a solution but just never got around to seeing it through. How do we know? Because people tell us. We just decided to push the button and do it.

We'd already tried a few alternatives that are available but they just didn't match the experience we were looking for in our tooling training. We wanted as realistic as possible an experience as climbing on real tools but inside. Something we could chuck in the climbing bag and take to every indoor training session. We wanted to increase our ability to train tools when we weren't able to get near a mountain or crag.

The Mantis Tools are a product of over a year of design, prototyping and testing. We started with a real doozy of a design, we thought it was golden... until we tested it and we realised VERY quickly that the kinds of forces the tools were going to face meant that we needed to make the tools STRONG! So that's exactly what we did.

That's the history, now it's up to you folks to make the future. We've had some really great feedback so far on the tools and how they perform. We want more people to get out there, pick up a set and see what they think. Dry tooling and ice climbing doesn't have to be just a winter thing anymore. Whether you're training for the world cup (and some using our tools are) or to send that iconic route on a week away. Mantis Tools will allow you to maximise your training potential.

Training is one aspect that drove the development of the Mantis Tools. The other is pretty much just for the fun of it. Tooling is fun, it's pretty hard work too but it really does add an extra dimension to your climbing. Get a bunch of you together on a route or in the boulder room and you'll see what we mean. Or simply pop in your headphones, hit play and go solo.

Our strap line pretty much says it all and the way we feel about the Mantis Tools.



...simple as that.