Enter the Mantis Tools

Designed to give you an experience as close as possible to climbing indoors on real ice tools. The Mantis Tools have been developed to provide you with the opportunity to climb at your favourite indoor spots all year round. Whether you're pulling on holds with ropes or cranking out fig 4 reps in the training area, the Mantis Tools have got you covered. The unique design combined with high quality wood and aluminium construction means the Mantis Tools are built to perform, either as part of a regular training regime or when it comes to finally sending that project.

New to ice tools? Mantis Tools are great for folks looking to get into ice climbing and dry tooling with minimal risk. They're just as comfortable on a vertical wall as a burly overhang. Whatever the grade you're working, Mantis Tools cater to all levels of experience.

We're psyched about these and we want to share that psych.

Go climb, go train, go get ready for that route.

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But I'm not interested in ice climbing or drytooling.

Well... perhaps you're one of the many climbers who've never experienced the RADness of climbing on tools. It's ok, perhaps you'll develop a new passion but if not MANTIS TOOLS are an excellent way of developing a crud load of power which you can then use to help crush in your regular climbing. 

It looks easy, must be for chumps who can't climb.

Suuuuuuure. We get this a lot too. We've found the best way to deal with this is to hand nay sayers a set of tools and point them at an 'easy' route that they'd normally cruise. Then sit back and watch the screaming, sweaty pump-fest unfold. Lesson learnt. Don't believe us? Only one way to find out...

They're made of WOOD! Surely they'd just break?

Mantis tools have been developed over a long period of R&D. On the lever and vertical pull they far out perform the T-rating and we've tested our vertical pull PER TOOL to over 200kg. That's plenty strong enough for the burliest of moves. Mantis are also not JUST wood. The unique design means they're reinforced with our custom 'FULL TANG' tip to tail aluminium spine. 

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What makes Mantis Tools GREAT!

Full Tang Metal Our custom 'FULL TANG' aluminium spine running the entire length of the tool for MAX strength and a little feedback.
Good wood Outers made from high quality birch wood which is strong and looks great. Also reducing potential injury and kinder to the environment. Unless you're a tree.
Pinned for Power Our tools are pinned for power with stainless steel hex bolts. Making sure everything stays where it should.
Full sized Mantis Tools are designed to mimic actual ice tools in both their design, scale and weight. Each tool is approx 500 grams. An aggressive pick angle means the burliest of overhangs are no problems.
Glue We use only the strongest resin when we build our tools. It's tested to 6500psi. Mantis Tools have been tested to hold up to 200kg on the pick tip to the grip. That's almost TWICE what you need to be T-rated.
Handle The handle is ergonomic and minimises fatigue. A standard 2-up grip like any technical tool plus a trigger grip to give you more precision when you need it on the smaller holds. There are also recessed leash attachment points in case you commit the faux pas of dropping a tool.
Grip We use Scarpa Vision rubber for maximum durability, decent stick and minimum amount of creep on smaller holds.