Mantis G2 Tools
  • Mantis G2 Tools
  • Fig 4s? No problems
  • Technical vertical routes come as standard
  • Mantis G2 tools should be in every climbers gym kit
  • Train to slay those reachy overhangs.
  • Work those fig 9s until you've got them perfect.

Mantis G2

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The ORIGINAL Mantis G2 Tools. Often copied but never beaten.


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The NEW Mantis G2. The same Mantis quality and familiarity with some key upgrades and minor shape changes from last season's model to give you a better climbing experience:

- NEW cambered tip for greater precision
- Smaller trigger finger for the same precise control but more adaptable to smaller hands
- Now secured by stainless steel hex bolts for superior strength
- A new more rounded shoulder shape is more intuitive and gives greater precision in tip placement
- We've upgraded the aluminium core to a stronger, lighter grade

The Mantis G2s are the latest hold, wall and people friendly training tools for ice, mixed and dry tool training and indoor climbing. Made from high quality birch, aluminium, stainless steel and Scarpa Vision climbing rubber, the Mantis G2s have been designed as a high quality cross over piece of training equipment as well as a stand-alone piece of climbing gear in their own discipline. Offering you the chance to develop your strength, power, endurance and perfect your technique all year round.

Mantis Tools are the real deal, they look, feel and climb as close to regular ice tools as you can realistically get whilst still being accepted by any forward thinking indoor climbing centre, with minimal risk of damage to both user and wall.

Our motto is 'POWER UP / PULL ON' and we stand by that. All you need to get the most out of our tools is a desire and a little dig deep grit. Mantis tools can be used anywhere with minimal impact. Get creative.

Our tools use climbing rubber for the contact surface and these pads do not last forever. A set of pads should last you about 2-3 months with regular use (about the same time as a chalk ball). Once your pads wear through you can remove them and turn them around and re-glue for further use. We sell replacement pads in our store. IT IS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED IF YOU'RE AN INTERNATIONAL BUYER TO PURCHASE SPARE PADS WHEN YOU PURCHASE YOUR TOOLS, this means you don't need to pay potentially high postage for replacement pads at a later date.

Why Mantis Tools?

Full Tang Metal Our custom 'FULL TANG' aluminium spine running the entire length of the tool for MAX strength and a little feedback.
Good wood Outers made from high quality Baltic birch wood which is strong and looks great. Also reducing potential injury and kinder to the environment. Unless you're a tree.
Pinned for Power Our tools have been POWERED UP with the addition of stainless steel hex bolts. Making sure everything stays where it should.
Full sized Mantis Tools are designed to mimic actual ice tools in both their design, scale and weight. Each tool is approx 500 grams. An aggressive pick angle means the burliest of overhangs are no problems.
Glue We use only the strongest resin when we build our tools. It's tested to 6500psi. Mantis Tools have been tested to hold up to 200kg on the pick tip to the grip. That's almost TWICE what you need to be T-rated.
Handle The handle is ergonomic and minimises fatigue. A standard 2-up grip like any technical tool plus a NEW smaller trigger grip to still give you precision when you need it but also sits better in the hand for folks with smaller hands. There are also recessed leash attachment points in case you commit the faux pas of dropping a tool.
Grip We use Scarpa Vision rubber for maximum durability with decent stick. We also find this rubber has a minimal amount of creep when used on the smaller holds.


Our current delivery time for Mantis Tools is 1-2 weeks for UK or 2-3 weeks globally.


Data sheet

189mm width
442mm length
Approx weight - 550 grams
Aluminium 6082-T6 spine
High quality Baltic Birch Plywood
Scarpa Vision rubber
Stainless steel hex bolts

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Tough Training

Using Mantis Tools is another level of work out and training. They've been my bridge from climbing indoors to keeping tool-fit for the mountain. In the same way longboard skateboarding helps maintain my balance and carving techniques when there are no waves, Mantis Tools mean I'm ready to jump straight back on rock or ice. They're light enough for me and I trust their build quality on any surface.


Love these

Love using the tools. The mantis tools vastly expands your usage of the indoor environment and improved your skills on rock. The tools are very well designed and feel secure on a variety of holds and positions. They can even be utilised on standard training apparatus such as the campus board and once your fingers are minced you can carry on training. 10/10 for sure. The next big thing.


I’ve been waiting for these

There has been a hole int the market for a quality drytooling indoor training tool for a long time! These tools perfectly fill that! Realistic feel and they seem to be solid as a tank! If you have any ice or drytooling goals these are a game changer

Team Tamas

Great training tools!

I baught the Mantis tools because the nearest dry tool wall is almost a 2 hour drive from my home. As much as I love the real stuff I never managed to get there often enough. With these tools I can train on both normal boulders as overhangs and even lead climb! Doing almost all the moves. The only move you can't do in a gym is the stein pull. Not because the tool can not handle it, but because you might ruin some holds or the wall. Realistic feel and you will pop off holds if you do not keep the right tension. Just as you would with metal tools.

Dr John Barlow

Power up your dry/ice climbing

Best training tool on the market. These allow you to turn your indoor climbing gym into a dry tooling playground. Definitely worth the money.


Top Marks

they're simply very well made and bring training to a new level! Can't wait to see how training with these translate to ice!

Marc Munier

3 reasons you may need these now ...

1. You are wanting to train for ice climbing 2. You want to up your dry tooling skills at your local climbing gym 3. You want to seriously improve your climbing fitness They are great fun, beautifully made, the only trouble is that *everyone* at the gym will want to try them :)

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Mantis G2

The ORIGINAL Mantis G2 Tools. Often copied but never beaten.


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